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Global Ophthalmology Summit

August 9–11, 2024 | Portland, Oregon


We are pleased to announce that the Third Global Ophthalmology Summit will take place in Portland, Oregon from August 911 at the Hilton Portland Downtown. Join your colleagues to learn from one another, build networks and explore collaborations to further enhance global eye care. More details will be posted as they become available. 



  • Access to global ophthalmology leaders through interactive sessions

  • Intimate networking events tailored to regional areas of interest and fields of work in global ophthalmology

  • Cutting-edge surgical simulation technology

  • Dedicated resident and fellow programming 

  • Healthy competition in a Global Hackathon that will allow attendees to crowdsource innovations to come up with winning solutions to address inequities in eye health



To improve eye health and eliminate vision loss through global ophthalmology education, research, collaboration, public health advocacy and by bridging global eye care stakeholders.



At the close of the Summit, attendees should be able to: 

  • Describe the current state of global eye health and the major causes of vision loss 

  • Describe the important role of innovation and technology in meeting the challenges of blindness prevention 

  • Understand educational initiatives across the globe and their potential to improve eye health 

  • Discuss global eye research priorities and how ophthalmology can contribute to this work 

  • Identify interventions that may address eye health inequities related to social determinants of health 

  • Characterize effective and equitable partnerships across geographic, economic and professional areas 

  • Asses the resources (data, equipment, funding) that can lead to better eye care 

  • Understand the global interactions of human resource and industrial supply systems in the context of eye health 

  • Understand how to partner with government entities, non-governmental organizations, and industry for greater impact 

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