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As a community dedicated to global health, we strive to use the Global Ophthalmology Summit as an avenue for creative growth, inclusion, and innovation. In 2024, we will host an interactive Hackathon event during the Summit on Sunday, August 11.


Groups will come together to problem-solve, have thought-provoking conversations, and of course, get into some healthy competition to crowd-source solutions. To get inspired, see the hack topics and winners for last year's Hackathon below. 

2023 Hackathon

Patient Health Literacy

Many vision-threatening conditions can be managed if identified early. This is especially true in children in whom it is critical to identify early changes in vision but who are often missed due to delayed presentation. Develop an eye screening program for an LMIC with limited eye care services in rural communities.

Winning Team: Bhakti Panchal, Edinam Hutton-Mensah, Michelle Sun and Shivani Majmudar

Training and Keeping Ophthalmologists

You are tasked with increasing the number of surgical ophthalmologists in country X to provide sustainable, quality eye care that is easily accessible to the population. You seek to start a training program but are concerned that many of the highly trained physicians move abroad after completing their training. Devise a program to address the surgeon shortage and issues around brain drain.

Winning Team: Caitlin Shin, Hamza Inayat, Otana Jakpor, Phoebe Lenhart, Shawn Gulati, Stanley Saju, Su Mae Ang and Susan Ksiazek


Supply Chain 

Country X is completely dependent on imports for IOLs and all ophthalmic supplies. This often results in delays in surgery/treatment and compromises are made when the correct IOL or medications are not available, affecting quality. Your task is to come up with a solution to address this supply-chain challenge and the challenges associated with maintenance and repair of ophthalmic equipment.

Winning Team: Gena Damento, Andrew Deslauriers, Neel Edupuganti, Elma Chang, Nitya Deviveddy, Nouran Sabbagh, Sandeep Grover and Shalinder Sabherwal

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